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  • Crosswinds Consultants provides affordable recruitment and retention services for the sales and marketing industry, while forming long-term relationships to better know our clients' needs.

  • In addition to recruitment and retention services, we offer interview training which includes behavioral interviewing and diversity training.

  • As your strategic partner, Crosswinds Consultants builds and strengthens your sales and marketing goals to maximize growth by providing our clients with the right solutions.



  • Crosswinds Consultants will  supply the best qualified candidates for your needs.  

  • Crosswinds Consultants guarantees integrity and confidentiality, adhering to the strictest standards of conduct.

    Recruitment Services to Clients:

Targeted searches for specific needs

Interviews with candidates prior to referral

Reference checks on candidates

Facilitating the offer




Crosswinds Consultants provides our clients retention solutions for long-term savings by finding the best candidates who fit your company's profile.  Our goals are to:

  • Retain the right people for your organization

  • Improve your turnover figures, saving your company money

Retention Services for Clients:

Design and conduct surveys

Target population to survey

Provide Summary Reports and Findings

Interpret results

Identify problem areas

Identify and recommend retention training

Track and measure your results


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