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The Crosswinds Approach

"Not only is it the right thing to do, it makes good business sense."

At Crosswinds Consultants, we believe that personal interaction and conversation are the cornerstones of launching a successful job search campaign with displaced workers. Personally connecting and understanding a displaced worker's current situation, evaluating their needs and developing a proactive approach towards their future employment goals are keys to a successful job search campaign. Every job seeker who engages Crosswinds Consultants receives personal one-on-one time with a qualified career consultant.

Emphasis is placed on what clients really need - training on the core areas of a successful job search, preparing resumes and cover letters, strategies and tactics for sourcing new job leads and a team of consultants dedicated to their success.

We acknowledge the traumatic emotional effects associated with being a displaced worker and offer a positive, welcoming and safe environment for job-seekers to launch the next chapter of their career.

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A Research Based Methodology

The Program

At Crosswinds Consultants, we value the time and energy of all clients. We know there is a sense of urgency to land that next job and continue down their career path. Our solution was to create a Hybrid Outplacement Model for all displaced workers. Now job seekers get the best of both worlds.

All Outplacement Packages include:

  • Group Training: Access to 3 hours a week of group career workshops up to 6 hours – Engage job seekers in life cycle career development practices, strategies and tactics and includes:
    • Handling emotional aspects of job loss.
    • Self-assessment of skills, strengths and challenges.
    • Resumes and cover letters that get results.
    • Fundamentals of the job search.
    • Web and Network based job search strategies.
    • Coaching and role playing for interviews.
    • Evaluating and negotiating job offers.
  • One-on-One Coaching and Consultation - Every individual receives 4 hours of personal coaching with one of our consultants to develop personal goals and job search objectives.
  • Priority Job Lead Builders - Our consultants and researchers develop and maintain a pulse on opportunities that appeal to our job seekers. Job leads and opportunities are relayed as they are discovered.
  • CareerPods Portal - One-year access to our CareerPods Community – An online career development portal for job seekers that includes: instructional modules, networking and question forums for access to our consultants' expertise.

Crosswinds Consultants bridges the need for human connection, informative group seminars, personal coaching and the continued support and access to a team of dedicated consultants.

At a Cost that is Affordable


Crosswinds Consultants understands the financial burden placed on companies during times of layoffs and restructuring. Our programs offer high quality, personal and effective outplacement services for your displaced workers. It makes good business sense to invest in the future of your departing employees. Our programs are positive, well intentioned and informative for those who are in transition.

Our programs start at $899 per displaced employee. We tailor programs to meet the organization's and individual's needs based on level of employment. We look forward to assisting you and your organization through the transition process.

Doing Right by Your Employees

Crosswinds Consultants believes the fundamental thought that it is the employees that make an organization. As an employer, you and your employees made a commitment to each other. When the difficult decisions have to be made regarding all types of downsizing, companies need to and should do the "right thing." That means, providing solid career transition for all displaced employees. In these times of economic uncertainty it was cited by the New York Times that the average worker is taking 5.5 months to land gainful employment. Once more, demonstrating that outplacement services are more crucial for your former employees than ever.

Without such services, your separated employees would spend more time searching for direction and less time actively pursuing future employment. Losing a job is considered to be one of the three most difficult experiences in one's lifetime. Crosswinds Consultants offers a solution that meets the training and coaching needs of your employees, and also provides a positive environment that gives them hope, guidance and motivation to recover fast and seek new employment opportunities.

A company that provides a solid outplacement service benefits far more than doing the right thing. It creates a culture that people want to be a part of. Outplacement services maintain the morale for your current key employees and create a new connection and relationship with displaced employees after they exit your organization. Finally, Crosswinds Consultants Outplacement Services reduce litigation concerns and cost, because you are actively doing your part as an employer to get your separated employees back into the workforce.

We encourage you to take advantage of the Crosswinds Outplacement Services programs for your employees at all levels of your organization. We will structure a program to meet your needs and a program that creates a launching pad for the future of your employees.

The Crosswinds Way

Outplacement services offered:

Our team of professional consultants value the role of collaboration in the career transition process. We focus all of our efforts on offering sound, efficient and thorough advice to all those in transition. There is a value to approaching a job search with the support team of consultants and fellow jobseekers in your corner. We leverage the time and talents of all to make each and every individual in our programs as successful as possible.

For specialized high level employees, the team at Crosswinds Consultants can personalize and offer a one-on-one program to meet the needs of all jobseekers.

We are here to help you!

Why Secure Outplacement Services? Outplacement makes sense because it:

1) Assists transitioning employees in finding employment.

2) Sustains morale and productivity among remaining employees.

3) Maintains your positive image in the community by doing the right thing to assist former employees.

4) It makes perfect business sense.

Crosswinds Consultants customize all outplacement services to meet the needs of both the organization and the separated employees. We offer a free consultation on the structure of the services to best suit your financial and transition needs.

We pride ourselves on the positive outreach we provide to our displaced neighbors. It is our intention to have every displaced worker prepared and guided towards gainful employment as soon as possible.

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