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We are requesting that you answer some questions for us and submit them with your resume.
The information provided will help Crosswinds Consultants to better match you to our clients' positions.  

Please send your resume along with answers to the following 
questions as an attachment to:



  1. What is your rank in your company's sales department 
    ( ___ out of the total number in your company's sales department ____)?

  2. What is your desired amount of travel ( ____<25%, ____<50%, ____<75%, ___ >75%)?

  3. What type(s) of responsibility are you seeking (please include position level)?

  4. What is your time-frame for seeking another position or a new position?
    ( ____ Immediate, ____ 1-3 months  ____ 4-6 months, ____ 6-12 months, ____ >12 months)

  5. What compensation range are you seeking (From: ______    To: _____ )?

  6. What is the minimum acceptable base salary?

  7. Describe a major accomplishment that you are proud of.  You can draw on your school/college or work experience.

  8. Present Base Salary___________; Commission_____________

  9. Are you still employed?   Yes______; No_________;
    If No, Last day of work_________________

  10. Type of company, product________________________________

  11. Reason for making a change of employment_______________

  12. Are you open to relocation?  Yes______; No___________;
    If yes, what is/are your geographic preference(s)____________
    Also, if yes, do you own a home or rent?_____________________

  13. Is there any other information that you feel we should be made aware of?

Upon receipt of the above information and your resume, we will begin a job search with our clients.



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