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Preparing You to be the Candidate of Choice:

Our staff has over 50 years of experience in preparing documents showing clients in the best light to future employers. Whether you are seeking an entry level position or an executive position, our consultants can create a resume to fit your needs. Although a resume is no guarantee of getting hired, a good resume will get you noticed and here at Crosswinds Consultants we prepare great resumes for our clients. We are certified by experience and customer satisfaction.

Quality Resume Services from CC
Resume Services Include:

  •  Personal consultation with each client.

  •  Choice of resume template - Basic, Bold, Bold Lite, Classic, Contemporary, Contemporary with Monogram, Distinctive, Fusion, Professional, or Strategic.

  •  A tailored resume created by one of our consultants designed to highlight client's skills, personal attributes, and qualifications for a position.

  •  Time for client to review, add, or modify content and approve resume.

  •  Upon client's approval, client receives five (5) copies of resume on quality watermark paper (or provided quality watermark paper to print on home computer) along with their resume on a flashdrive.

  •  Turn-a-round time of three to five work days - additional charge for a one or two day turn-a-round.

  •  $0 (Zero) charge for updates to resume within 6 months of original resume service that was provided by Crosswinds Consultants.

  •  $35 after 6 months from original resume service provided by Crosswinds Consultants for:

    •   Any changes in contact, education, certification, job title, dates of employment,

    •   New job information on one or more new jobs - but client must provided the exact wording including title, employer, dates of employment, major job responsibilities and accomplishments.

  •  $50 after 6 months from original resume service that was provided by Crosswinds Consultants for:

    •   Crosswinds crafting language for an updated career profile at top of resume and new job(s) content, plus any change in contact, education, certifications, job titles or dates of employment.


Non-supervisory hourly workers - such as retail clerks, office clerks, warehouse associates or high school students.

  •  $85:   Resume

College Students with less than one year of work experience.

  •  $95:   Resume

Professionals - such as Teachers, Nurses, Engineers, Accountants, Analysts, Programmers, Sales Representatives or Supervisors up to Mid-Management position.

  •  $125:   Resume

Executives - such as Business Unit or Division Senior Management, Directors, Doctors, Lawyers or Business Owners.

  •  $195:   Resume

C-Suite Executives - such as Chief Marketing Officer, COO, CEO or Director at the Enterprise level, Deans and Chancellors.

  •  $295:   Resume

Cover Letter choices for any occupation include: Basic, Story, Match or Strategic

  •  $40:   Cover Letter - Basic

  •  $60:   Cover Letter - Story

  •  $80:   Cover Letter - Match

  •  $100:   Cover Letter - Strategic

Other Services: Any Occupation

  •  $75:   Personal Branding (includes 1 hour of coaching and creation of personal brand tailored to client)

  •  $115:   Mock Interview - Coaching/Critique - 1 1/2 hours

  •  $125:   Crosswinds Job Search Strengths Assessment - includes 2 hours of coaching & summary report

For all Resume Clients

  •  $50:   One day turn-a-round special request.

  •  $25:   Two day turn-a-round special request.

  •  $60:   Travel to Client's office/home within a 30 mile radius of Harrisburg for resume consultation

  •  6% state tax applies to all purchased services.

  •  We accept personal checks, money orders and cash for our services.

If a client requests a special delivery of their resume such as FedEx or UPS, the client will be charged an additional $10 plus the actual cost of the delivery and client will be billed accordingly.

In addition to resumes and cover letters, our consultants create thank you letters and reference sheets.

To make an appointment to meet with one of our consultants, call (717) 920-5250 or send an email to


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